Peal of Bob Major

On the afternoon of Sunday 9th February 2014 the new bells were put through their paces with the ringing of a Peal of Bob Major.  Starting just after 14.00hrs the peal took aproximately two and three quarter hours to ring.
Mr. Simon Rudd conducted the peal.

The Ringers on 9th February 2014

The Ringers on 9th February 2014 – from left to right: Neil Thomas, Peter Trent, Peter Sawyer, Simon Rudd, Ros Burrough, Pauline Curtis, Jeff Fox, Aubrey Forster.

The report for Ringing World included the following details:

“Sunday, 9th February 2014 in 2:46 (7-3-27)

5152 Plain Bob Major

Composed by GAA Taylor

  1. Aubrey Forster
  2. Neil M Thomas
  3. Rosalind J Burrough
  4. Pauline Curtis
  5. Peter J Sawyer
  6. Peter Trent
  7. Simon A Rudd (C)
  8. Jeffrey J Fox

The first peal on the new ring of bells, dedicated on 26th January. With best wishes to Michael Stokes who was to have rung today.”