9th October – Advanced ringing practice

Several years ago I used to run a monthly advanced ringing practice at Saxlingham. Unfortunately, it stopped, probably because of my increasing work pressures. We set it up to ring what are called “Surprise Major” methods – these are methods which we ring on eight bells and are more difficult to ring than the ones we usually manage at Saxlingham. The practices attracted some of the more advanced ringers from the South Norfolk area.

Now that we have the new bells at Saxlingham, one or two people have asked me if we might re-start it. Having investigated the likely response, I have found that enough people are interested to make it viable, and the first practice will be held on Thursday October 9th from 1930 hrs to 2100 hrs.

The purpose of the practice is twofold; firstly it is to create an opportunity for those who can ring surprise major to do so. Secondly, it is to give the opportunity to those who want to learn to ring surprise major, but have not yet done so, to have a go in a friendly and learning environment. We will start by trying to ring one of the easier basic methods called Cambridge Surprise Major.

If successful, we hope to hold the practice on a roughly monthly basis. It will be on a weekday evening, but because of my somewhat nomadic lifestyle, it may not be possible to hold it on the same day or the same week every month.

Jeff Fox