17th August

On Saturday 17th August the church will be manned from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm and refreshments will be available in the church room.

This is the last introductory day for our church trail – after Saturday the trail documents will be available at the back of the church but we can’t promise that there will be help on hand should you get stuck with any of the questions!

Most of the answers to the question sheets are in the trail documents; there are answer sheets available hidden in the white envelope alongside the trail documents and question sheets with all the answers on should you need a little help.

We are very grateful to local artist Clive Brooks for creating a colouring in sheet for our younger visitors – coloured pencils are available at the back of the church with the trail documents.  The picture is of one of our oldest pieces of stained glass – St. Edmund – which can be seen in the window to the left of the altar.

Edmund offering his arrows

Edmund, King of East Anglia, offering up the arrows of his martyrdom

If you would like to download the church trail documents in pdf format they are available here.

Open Churches week

From Monday 5th August we will be joining in Open Churches Week. The Church will be open and there is a book stall by the Church Room.

*** At some time during the week scaffolding will be being erected around the Tower – at this time entrance to the Church will be via the Priest’s Door.  This entrance is very awkward so please take extreme care when going in and out of the Church.  ***

Our new Church Trails are available at the back of the Church:

  1. Inside the Church
  2. Outside the Church
  3. The Stained Glass
  4. Question sheets for children up to the age of 10
  5. Question sheets for children 11 and over
  6. Colouring sheet for children of all ages
  7. Answers to the question sheets (inside the white envelope – no peeking!)

If you would like to download the Church Trail documents in .pdf format they are available here.

Today (3rd August) and tomorrow (Sunday 4th) we are also opening the church – refreshments are available in the Church Room.  Refreshments will also be available next weekend (10th and 11th August) and we will be open on 17th August too.  On these days only we will be able to show you films relating to our bells whilst you enjoy your tea & coffee.

The films we have are:

  • The bells being rung on 31st March 2013 – Easter Sunday;
  • Casting the new bells;
  • Tuning a bell;
  • Simon Rudd’s talk (Part One);
  • Simon Rudd’s talk (Part Two);
  • Simon Rudd’s talk (Part Three).

One of the next stages of our project is to upload our films to youtube so if you are unable to stay to watch them when you visit the church don’t worry – we will let you know when they are available online.