of our bells and bell-ringing

We are lucky in that several documents relating to the work done on the bells in 1908 have survived.

The handwritten estimate and receipt for the work both survive and are shown below along with a transcription.  To see a larger version of the original text click on the image.

The Estimate for the 1908 works:

1908 estimate part 1

The Estimate from George Day & Son for the work on the bells in 1908 – part one.

1908 estimate part 2

The Estimate from George Day & Son for the work on the bells in 1908 – part two

“Estimate for two new Treble Bells and hanging with new steel frames above the present Six-Bellframe Saxlingham Nethergate Norfolk.

1908 August 27th

To supply 2 new Treble Bells to complete the Octave weight of ¼ Cwt, to pay carriage of the Bells from London to Eye and from Eye to Flordon and to cast Bells, Frames, Tools and tackle from there to Saxlingham and back.

To make and construct 2 massive Wrought-Steel Bellframes to carry the two upper Bells, and fixing upon the top of the present bellframe, To take up and move out of the way of the wellhole the Tenor Bell to hoist up the 2 new Bells Framework and Fittings, to refix the Tenor Bell and to securely bolt and Fix the two Bellframes upon the lower bellframe with timber between, To supply new Wheels Stocks and Fillings for the two new Bells with new Clappers and Crownstaples complete, to alter and refix the Wheels Stays Slides and Pulley Boxes and Rope Holes of the 3rd and 4th bells, to alter and refix the Blocks of six Bells throu the ceiling and Clock chamber floor with the 2 new ones in extra places, to make good and repair ceiling where Blocks came out and refix wellhole and to leave the peal of 8 bells in perfect tune and in good Ringing Order with 2 new Ropes Complere for the sum of £106.15.0

We hereby agree to carry out all the above mentioned work for the Sum of One Hundred and Six Pounds, Fifteen Shillings,

Fredrick Day for George Day and Son.”

The receipt for the 1908 works:

1908 receipt

The receipt from George Day & Sons sent upon payment in 1909.

“Established 1802

George Day & Son,

Church Bell Hangers,

Eye, Suffolk.

Feb 27th 1909

To Rev. RW Pitt MA

Rector of Saxlingham Norwich

Rev Sir

We are obliged for your cheque value £108.16.6 received yesterday for which accept our best thanks also for kind expressions of satisfaction contained in Yours,  Trusting You may all have very many Happy Years to enjoy the sound of Your Sweet Peal of Eight,

We are Rev Sir

Yours Faithfully

Frederick Day for

George Day & Son.”

Bell-ringers 1908

The St. Mary’s Bell-ringers in 1908 with the two new bells purchased by the Rev. Pitt (seated, centre).

The above photograph was taken with the Bell-ringers, Bell-hangers and the two new bells prior to the bells being hung in the Church Tower.

Bell-ringers 1910

St Mary’s Bell-ringers: Thursday 13th October, 1910

The above photograph shows the first band of all local Bell-ringers after they had rung A Peal of Bob Major, 5056 changes.  This is the photograph we have used as the starting point for our research into the Bell-ringers around the time of the last major bell work at St. Mary’s.

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