Whilst we wait for the arrival of the new bells….

…here are a few more pictures of the tower work.   We are very lucky to have had Roger and Will Tyrrell work on the tower – they have been extremely helpful and accommodating with all our questions and requests to take photos during their work.

Clock face being re-installed The clock face being re-installed

Will adding the final goldleaf to the clock face

Will finishing off the gold leaf on the clock face.

The clockfaceThe clock with the scaffolding down.

Detail of the louvres Louvres

The new louvres covering the sound openings – the wood will darken before reaching it’s final colour, but here it is freshly oiled.

Repaired string course - North side of Tower

The new string course on the North face of the tower.

Repairing stonework

Repairing the stone work.

The repaired gargoyle and string course Repaired gargoyle

The finished gargoyle.

Grotesque and repaired string course

A grotesque with repaired string course to the right.

West side of the tower showing the repairs

The tower – showing the fresh lime mortar in the flint work.

The church after the removal of the scaffoldingThe tower gleaming in the autumn sunlight – yes, we have had some sunlight this autumn!

The new bells will be arriving shortly and the current aim is for the first service with the new bells to be Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

Many thanks to Roger and Will Tyrrell for their help and all their work on the tower.